Looking for a Ting Referral Link?

Ting Referral Link

If you are signing up for Ting you can get a $25 discount using this referral link:


This is their refer a friend program that lets you get a $25 discount which can be applied toward a new device. If you already have a device, the credit will go to your account and you’ll save $25 off your bill.

I just upgraded to an iPhone 7 from Ting’s online store. If you are looking for a referral link code to save when you sign up for ting you can use mine:  https://ting.com/?lpn=z9ei7o27987

Here is a description of the phone from the Ting device page:

Apple iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is a perfect mid-point between phablet lovers and those who like it smaller, with a 4.7-inch screen that offers plenty of viewing real estate but still slips easily into your pocket. The screen is a big upgrade from previous generations, with 25 percent more brightness and the best color range on any iPhone, ever. Couple that with a “cinema-quality” retina display and it’s safe to say your eyes won’t have any complaints.

At first glance the 7’s exterior is very similar to the 6, but the beloved clickable home button has hit the road. Fortunately, it’s been replaced by a buzz-worthy solid button that reacts to pressure and touch, enables fingerprint unlocking and uses haptic feedback for physical responsiveness.

The goodies continue with a totally revamped 2-speaker stereo system, a powerful new processor and water resistance up to 1 meter; a first for any iPhone.

The phablet-sized elephant in the room is the missing headphone jack, but the included Apple earbuds come with a lightning connector out of the box, and even standard headphones can still be connected with an adapter.

Whether you’re a diehard Apple fan or a new convert, the iPhone 7 represents the top of the heap when it comes to smart, stylish and powerful smartphones.

Also available for us on Ting is the new Google Pixel phone:

Google Pixel

With the Pixel, Google seems to have taken a page from Apple’s winning playbook. Not to be confused with BlackBerry’s not at all winning PlayBook.

The days of deeply discounted “reference design” devices coming out of Google HQ look to be behind us. The Pixel is a pricey and no doubt primo smartphone.

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